Pittsburgh Pharmacy Error Attorney

Pharmacy error lawsuits are a subset of medical malpractice claims; they deal with errors made in dispensing medication. Pharmacy errors typically involve dispensing the wrong medication, the wrong dosage, or providing a prescription to the wrong patient. Medication errors can easily cause the victims severe problems – and they can sometimes be fatal. Improper dosages account for 41 percent of fatal medication errors and “wrong drug” errors account for 16 percent.

Navigating a Pittsburgh Pharmacy Error Lawsuit

If you believe a medication error or pharmacy error caused you injuries and damages, you may be able to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for your expenses and pain. To succeed in your case, you must prove the defendant was negligent in some manner – which is something a medication error attorney can help you establish.

The defendant in a pharmacy error or medication error case could potentially be one or more of several individuals:

  • If a doctor failed to provide clear warnings to a patient about known risks of using a particular medication or potential complications, this would qualify as “failure to warn,” a form of medical malpractice for which the doctor is liable.
  • If a doctor prescribes an improper dosage, he or she is liable. A pharmacy error lawyer will usually call in an expert witness to assess what another reasonable doctor of equivalent skill should have prescribed.
  • Doctors must also prescribe the right medication for the right condition. Your doctor needs to take your present situation, medical history, existing conditions and other regular medications into account when prescribing medicines.
  • If a pharmacist or pharmacy tech dispenses the wrong medication or the wrong dose, he or she can be held accountable.
  • In some cases, drug companies are accountable for the damage done by their products if a widespread issue arises. Typically, the company or the Food and Drug Administration will issue a recall to take the faulty medication off the market, and any resulting lawsuits will fall under product liability laws.

Your pharmacy mistake attorney will help navigate your case and determine the best approach for securing compensation for you. Medication errors can result in long-term health complications, susceptibility to other conditions and damage from medication interactions. The United States is facing an epidemic of addiction and fatalities, and prescription drug-related errors could contribute to this ongoing problem. It’s vital for medical professionals and pharmacists to use good judgment and carefully prescribe and dispense the proper medications in the appropriate dosages to every patient.

Claiming Damages for Your Pharmacy Error

When you file a lawsuit, you need to assess exactly what expenses and damages resulted from a pharmacy error or problem with your medication. You can only sue for the damages directly caused by the error.

Your potential compensation could include:

  • Medical expenses for remedial treatment and any intervention required due to the error.
  • Pain and suffering. If an error leads to improper treatment, this can cause severe pain for some patients.
  • Lost income for errors that led to you missing work.
  • Permanent disabilities. Some pharmacy errors can cause you to develop permanent conditions that diminish your quality of life or ability to resume work. Expert witnesses will be able to testify as to the extent of your injuries and their long-term effects.

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